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When you need to access from $20,000 to $2m for your business by the next day, THERE IS ONLY ONE PROVIDER WHICH YOU CAN COUNT ON

Funds Within 24hrs

When you need funds fast, “next week” or “next month” just doesn’t cut it.

No Hidden Fee's or Tricks

Many lenders will promise a cheap interest rate, but then load up a range of hidden fee’s


when it has to be funded urgently, stick with the one lender who Australian and New Zealand businesses trust

Why Choose Homesec ?

When you need access to large sums of money for your business by the next day, THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION…. A Short Term Business Loan from Australia’s largest national short term business lender… HomeSec.


HomeSec Business Finance is a privately funded business finance company, specialising in funding short term business loans, or otherwise known as short term caveat loans. We also fund “12 month” 2nd mortgages too.


Our short term caveat loans & our 12 month 2nd Mortgages are about lending funds to small business people, builders, developers, etc, who need access to cleared funds within 24 hours.

The team at HomeSec Business Finance are focussed on 3 Things. Great Service, Honesty & Transparency, and Great Outcomes for Clients.

No other private lender can genuinely claim the same approach.

HomeSec Business Finance is Australia and New Zealand’s largest short term business lender and the trusted funder of choice for fast short term business loans.


SHORT TERM BUSINESS LOANS are generally taken out by people who need access to funds very quickly (over a short time of generally no longer than 1 – 10 months). Money is lent for any worthwhile commercial or commercial investment purpose.


12 Month 2nd MORTGAGES are a 12 month ‘interest only’ business loan. These are prefect if you need more time than our short term loan has to offer, but you don’t want the financial burden of paying principal & interest.


In addition, we are one of the only short term lenders who will lend money on property located anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

We Provide Immediate Financial Solutions for your Business

Financial Flexibility

HomeSec Business Finance lends anywhere between $20,000 to $2,000,000. (larger amounts considered upon request), and HomeSec Business Finance settle short term Business Loans in just 24 hours… in all states of Australia!

Simple Process

We don’t require sworn valuations or financials, and the borrowers Credit History is irrelevant. The borrower needs to have an “exit strategy”, which is generally refinance, cashflow, or the sale of the property, or other assets.

Easy Criteria

Loans must be secured against real estate. (we lodge a caveat at settlement to secure our loan) Loan terms can be from 1 month to 6 months. The interest, legal fee establishment fee, & broker fee (if applicable) are all capitalised into the loan.

Our Short Term Business Loans are the solution for…


Borrow from $20,000 to $2,000,000 for any worthwhile business or commercial investment purpose. Loan terms are from 1 to 6 months (longer if required), and we can genuinely have the funds in your account by the very next business day


We all know that the ATO won’t wait around any longer for tax debts to be paid, but we also know that most lenders run a mile when they see an overdue tax debt. Not Us! We can pay the ATO and any other overdue debts by the next business day

Business About To Fail

There is nothing worse than not having any options left when a business needs an urgent lifeline to stay afloat and turn things around. Most lenders wont fund loans when a business in in this situation, but HomeSec Business Finance will.

Business Opportunity

A once in a lifetime opportunity comes up, and it’s the first in with the cash who gets it. What happens if you don’t have the cash in your account? Who can get you the funds to secure this opportunity by tomorrow? HomeSec Business Finance can!

Property Purchase In Recision

You’ve negotiated hard the purchase on a property that is going to make you a lot of money, and then the bank pull the run out from under you at the last minute and you are about to lose your property AND your deposit. Only HomeSec Business Finance can save the day with SAME DAY funding in some cases.

An Advance On A Refinance

You’ve gone to your bank or finance broker to refinance your home or other property, and they say it will take 2 to 3 months until the refinance is complete. But you need the funds from the refinance right away for your business. This is where a Short term Business Loan from HomeSec saves the day. We bridge the gap from today, until your refinance is funded.

HomeSec Business Finance is Australia’s largest short term business lender and the trusted funder of choice for fast short term business loans.

We have been a lifesaver to small business owners since 2004. We have funded almost every type of business, in almost every location in Australia. Every week day of the year we successfully fund Fast Business Loans in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart & all of regional Australia

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